Our Services

Kinetic Simulation is an engineering consultancy specialising in Aerodynamic Design, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis.


CFD Services

o Motorsport
    – Aeromaps – Increase the performance and the understanding of your cars aerodynamic         adjustments
    – Aerodynamic Design and Development – From updates through to ground up design
    – Drag Reduction
    – Component Design
    – Airboxes, Intercooler/Radiator End Tanks, Intake piping etc.
    – Marketing Material.
o Marine
o Automotive
o Sporting
o Product Design


FEA Services

o Stress Analysis – Metallic/Composite
o Motorsport
    – Suspension Design
    – Engine/Transmission Mounts
    – Aerodynamic Devices – Wings, Wing Mounts etc.
o Aerospace


Design Services

o Detailed CAD Design
o Motorsport
    – Aerodynamic Design for all budgets
    – Track Testing – Flow Visualisation
    – CFD – Realtime Correlation